Ekstrand students using iPads to learn

The advancement of technology has changed the way we live, work and learn. Just as it is used outside of school to enhance our lives, it has also become a beneficial tool in our schools. The primary goal of the Central DeWitt CSD’s available technology is to enrich the learning that takes place in and out of classrooms. In particular, technology offers opportunities for exploration and analysis of academic subjects in ways that traditional instruction cannot replicate. The Central DeWitt CSD 1:1 laptop initiative not only provides all 4th-12th grade students with more technology opportunities, it also creates equity in education.

605.06E2 - Consent to Student Use of the District’s Computers, Computer Network Systems, and Internet Access
605.06 - Internet Appropriate Use Policy
605.06R1 - Internet Appropriate Use Regulation
713 - Responsible Technology Use & Social Networking Policy
713.R1 - Responsible Technology Use & Social Networking Regulation

Technology FAQ