Central Community Educational Foundation

A gift for many !
A classroom, a school, a Community.

Birdies for Charity
Birdies for Charity pledge sheets will be available in April from Central Community Education Foundation members.

The Central Community Educational Foundation was chartered in 1993 to benefit the students of our school district by providing funds for otherwise unavailable enrichment opportunities. That first year, $1,300 was awarded in grants.

Central Education Foundation has contributed $397,642.29 to the Central Schools in the last twenty years. $47,019.56 was granted this year.

The MakeSpace Project
Problem Solving Through Play
Ekstrand School Kiln
LEGO Education StoryStarter
Multi-media Production Studio
RAVE-O Reading
Student Molecular Model Sets
Document Cameras MS ELA Classrooms
Resistance Bands & Wall Mounts
The YOU DO Literacy Project
SAWSTOP Table Saws

Stability Ball Chairs & Sensory Items
Building The Blended Classroom
Speech Team Improvements
Cardio Kickboxing
Environmental Science Online Learning
4-12 iPad Classroom Checkout
Making Reading Come Alive
SMART Board for Jumpstart
Strike Up The Band Commissioned Work

It is only through the generosity of our community members and alumni that we have been able to impact so many students' educational opportunities.

Education Foundation Brochure

Calendar of Events

Homecoming 2014 Oct 2nd and 3rd

Alumni Address Book or CD available $20.00
E-mail: or Phone: (563) 659-5039

Mission Statement

The Central Community Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization benefiting Central students by providing funds for otherwise unavailable enrichment opportunities.