K-12 Content Standards

  1. Teams of teachers in every grade level/content area work together to identify essential standards for their grade level/content area. Essential standards must meet the following criteria:
    1. Endurance: Knowledge and skills of value beyond a single test date. Will the standard be employed exactly as it is in life beyond the school walls? Does it represent how things are really done?
    2. Leverage: Knowledge and skills of value in multiple disciplines. Is the standard transferable and even necessary for learners to access skills and content in other areas or fields?
    3. Readiness: Knowledge and skills necessary for success in the next grade level, the next instruction level, or the state test. Is the standard a building block that other standards are contingent on?
  2. The identified standards are subject to change from year to year based on student need. The identified content standards are identified on report cards in K-6 and in the Infinite Campus gradebook for 7-12.

Iowa Core Standards