Site Based Review Council


Tracey McCulloh – Ekstrand Elementary School Teacher

Angela Hofer – Central DeWitt Intermediate School Teacher

Kirk Machovec – Central DeWitt Middle School Teacher

Molly Giese – Central DeWitt High School Teacher

Jen Vance – Assistant Superintendent

Mike Miller – PS-3rd Grade Principal

Bill Petsche-4th-6th Grade Principal

George Pickup – 7th-12th Grade Principal

Site-based Review Councils: The school board shall appoint a site-based review council for the district’s attendance centers (attendance centers may share a site-based review council as long as the council is comprised of equal numbers of teachers and administrators). The council shall accept and review applications submitted to the school’s or the school district’s administration for assignment or reassignment in a teacher leadership role, and shall make recommendations regarding the applications to the superintendent of the school district. In developing recommendations, the council shall utilize measures of teacher effectiveness and professional growth, consider the needs of the school district, and review the performance and professional development of the applicants. Any teacher recommended for assignment or reassignment in a teacher leadership role shall have demonstrated to the council’s satisfaction competency on the Iowa teaching standards as set forth in section 284.3. It is up to local school districts to decide how these determinations will be made.