Instructional Coaches

Job Description:

Instructional coaches will spend time in grade level team meetings, observing in classrooms providing non-evaluative feedback, co-teaching/ co-planning lessons in classrooms, and leading the building in developing and implementing Iowa Core and MTSS (Muli-Tiered System of Support/RTI) in support of all students. The position will include detailed discussion as to areas in which the teachers being coached desire to improve. The instructional coach shall coordinate instructional coaching activities relating to training and professional development, including with the area education agency where appropriate. Each Lead Instructional Coach will be expected to integrate technology within all facets of the work and position.

Performance Responsibilities:

  • Full-Time Teacher Leader

  • Works inside classrooms to help teachers implement new ideas, demonstrate lessons, engage in co-teaching, observing, giving feedback (coaching dialog)

  • Assist teachers in using data to identify appropriate interventions, strategies, and resources to support schools, classes, and individual students through our Multi-Tiered System of Support

  • Provide teachers with research-based instructional strategies to address student variance

  • Provide guidance on alignment to Iowa Core, Early Literacy, and MTSS Implementation by promoting rigorous and relevant instruction

  • Assist teachers with planning, sequencing, and scaffolding of instruction

  • Assist teachers in location of correct resources and coach in the correct use of resources

  • Maintain confidentiality of students, teachers, and schools

  • Support instruction and learning through the use of technology

  • Organize differentiated Mentor & Induction Program for experienced teachers new to the district

  • Facilitate coaching conversations, which include goal setting and progress monitoring to guide instructional decisions to improve student learning

  • Study research-based instructional strategies and continually explore and share instructional methodologies appropriate for school and share with teachers

  • Present special interest topics to the Board of Education as requested

  • Participate in on-going Instructional Coach Training

  • Collaborate with new teachers as appointed Mentor

  • Participate in building-wide or district-wide ad hoc work and committees as assigned and models leadership and commitment to continuous improvement

  • Model to other teachers how to realize the building mission, strategic plan and district goals to conduct the work of the teacher according to the values of Central CSD

  • Work with learning teams through the four questions

    • What do we expect our students to learn?
    • How will we know?
    • How will we respond if they didn’t learn?
    • How will we respond if they already know it?
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately with adult learners; able to establish positive relationships

  • Serves as role models for mentees, works with mentees, and acclimates new teachers

  • Meets with teachers new to the district, but not new to the profession (those who have taught 3 years or more) to provide an alternative induction program that meets their needs

  • Designs and delivers training (theory, demonstrations, practice, collaboration


  • Holds a valid Iowa Teaching License

  • Has worked as a certified employee for a minimum of one year in the Central Community School District

  • Has a minimum of three years of successful teaching experience.

  • Has evidence of continued professional growth, experiences collaborating with colleagues, involvement in leadership opportunities, and evidence of working with adults.

  • Has demonstrated organizational skills including but not limited to data, planning,

Terms of Employment:

  • Employed for 195 days (5 additional contract days)

  • Stipend: $5000 annually in addition to regular teaching salary

  • A teacher who completes the time period of the 1-year teacher leader assignment may apply to retain the role, apply for reassignment to a new leadership role, or re-enter the classroom.

  • Position paid from Teacher Leadership and Compensation funding and is dependent upon receipt of state TLC funding.

Position Evaluation:

Evaluated annually by building administration and the Site-Based Review Council.  District teachers will complete a 10-question survey providing feedback regarding teacher leaders in the areas of collaboration, communication, content knowledge, questioning/discussion techniques, responsiveness and engagement.

Reports to:  District Administration Team