Sabers Bowling

William Perdieu, Bowling Coach
563-659-1733 (home)
563-528-9090 (cell)
Seth Ketelsen, Bowling Coach
563-503-0384 (cell)

  1. Handbook for Bowling Program participation
  2. Student-Parent Handbook for Athletic Participation
  3. 10 Ways To Raise A Good Sport
  4. Parent’s Code of Conduct
  5. Spectator Conduct Policy
  6. Conduct Counts – The Parent & Coach/Advisor Relationship
  7. Conduct Counts – In this Educational Institution these behaviors are NOT acceptable
  8. Conduct Counts
  9. Heads Up Concussion Fact Sheet and Acknowledgement Form
  10. School Activities Release Form AND Athletic Pre-Participation Examination Form
  11. Good Conduct Code
  12. Good Conduct Code (Turn-in Signature Sheet)
  13. Bowling Sign-up Sheet
  14. Bowling Calendar

Letter Requirements

The following criteria will be used to provide letters to the bowling team members.
To qualify for a Varsity Letter in Bowling an athlete bowler must:

  • Participate in 90% or more of practices and events for the Bowling Team.
  • Be coachable.
  • Compete in at least six Varsity matches (This includes matches, tournaments, and/or Sub-State/State  tournaments.)
  • Maintain a passing grade per Central H.S. policy in their classes or parent established grade level during bowling season.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship.
  • Dedicate themselves to the Sabers’ team/teammates.
  • Have a team oriented attitude.