8th Grade Human Growth & Development Unit

February 2022

To: Parents of Students in 8th Grade Health

Re: Human Growth and Development Unit Plan and Resources

We would like to share details regarding the Human Growth and Development unit that will be taught in 8th grade health this semester. The instruction will last for 6 instructional days beginning approximately May 10, 2022. The unit will conclude approximately May 25, 2022. Winter weather and unexpected snow days may impact the dates slightly.

Human Growth and Development is required instruction in the state of Iowa. The State has also provided an opportunity for you, as a parent, to opt your child out of this unit. If your child is currently taking 8th grade Health, and you do not want your child to participate in this unit, please notify the building principal in writing or email prior to April 11, 2022.  If your child will be taking 8th grade health during the second semester, you will receive this letter again when we get closer to the human growth and development unit in the spring.

We recognize parents are the primary educators of their children, but it is our hope to be your partner in the delivery of Human Growth and Development information.

As we enter into this updated Human Growth & Development unit, we will also have additional school staff in the classroom.  Our middle school guidance counselor will support instruction when we’re covering abstinence, refusal skills, and healthy relationships.  Our school nurse will support instruction during the male and female body systems as well as infant and child development.

We encourage you to preview the curriculum materials that can be found on our website at: https://www.cd-csd.org/8th-grade-human-growth-development-unit/.  Every presentation and resource that will be used during this unit, as well as the timeline, are available in these materials provided for your review.  Directions for accessing a demo copy of the newly adopted textbook are also included in this document.

If you would like a hard copy of these materials, please contact the building principal.  There is also a full copy of the textbook in our middle school office if you would like to view it there.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Dr. Dan Peterson, Superintendent