Saber Speech finds success in Monticello

The Saber Speech Team competed at the district large group contest in Monticello this past weekend, and brought home five state-qualifying events! Every member of the large group team will be competing at the state contest at Cedar Rapids Washington on Saturday, February 4th. Congratulations to:

  • Ensemble Acting: Hannah Moore, Lauren Burmeister, Livy Crandall
  • Musical Theatre: Sabine Housenga, Regina Klostermann
  • Radio Broadcasting: Mairead Willimack, Jena Edwards, Ashli Bossom, Livy Crandall
  • Readers Theatre: Jack Butler, Adriana Kerr, Austin Yackle, Amelia House, Hannah Moore, • Mairead Willimack, Rachel Spicer, Elyce Burzlaff, Alaina White, Caleb Govert, Eliza Petersen
  • Short Film: Lacey Stoker, Natalie Cagle, Eli Dimmick, Julia Fielding, Suzie Cox