Fundamentals of Baking class takes a food-centric field trip

Yesterday, the CDHS Fundamentals of Baking class visited Tapestry Farms, Crane & Pelican Cafe, and Blue Spruce Bakery to learn about a variety of topics related to food.

The day started out at Tapestry Farms learning about urban farming and the way it’s helping refugees resettling in the Quad Cities, as well as QC neighborhoods who experience food insecurity. Students also learned about African cuisine and agriculture and the importance of having culturally-familiar foods available to help refugees adjust after they arrive. Students toured their cottage and two of the several different plots where produce is grown around the Quad Cities.
After that, students enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Crane & Pelican in LeClaire, where owner Mandy shared her knowledge of being a small business owner in the food industry, how her restaurant came to fruition, how they create menus and some interesting history about the house where her restaurant is located.
Last, the students went to Blue Spruce Bakery where Brandon, the owner, shared his passion for making bread from scratch using sourdough. Students toured the kitchen and then enjoyed bread, and other treats, from the Blue Spruce General Store where the bakery is located.
Thank you to the owners and staff members of these great places for taking time to inspire and educate our students!
#gosabers #centraldewittcsd #cdhs #fundamentalsofbaking #tapestryfarms #craneandpelican #bluesprucebakery


#gosabers #centraldewittcsd #cdhs #fundamentalsofbaking #tapestryfarms #craneandpelican #bluesprucebakery