Due to the governor’s proclamation on Nov. 16, all middle school and youth practices, games, meets, and lifting will stop until at least December 10th.  At that time the governor’s proclamation could be lifted or extended. Also, rental of our facilities will not be allowed until the proclamation has been lifted. All facility requests that have been approved will be cancelled thru December 10th.

At this time, all high school practices, games, meets, and lifting will continue as planned with health and safety measures such as the mask requirements and spectator limitations in place. See below for information on how you can still watch Saber competitions.

We will continue to share information as we learn more.

ATTENTION SABER FANS: With the governor’s new proclamation Central DeWitt will be limiting attendance at all high school, middle school, and youth events to two spectators per rostered player. We will be giving two tickets to those rostered players to hand out. This ticket allows you to attend and pay for admission. The proclamation states that spectators are only allowed to stay for a single game. If a JV game is played before a varsity game JV spectators would not be allowed to stay for the varsity contest and varsity spectators would not be allowed to arrive early for the JV contest as an example. If you are attending for a player on two different rosters you would be allowed to stay for both. At our home bowling events this season we will not be allowing spectators but will have a live stream option. Masks will be required and must stay on while inside of our facility.
For those that want to catch the action but are not able to attend the event we do have a monthly or yearly live stream option. Here is the link to this information:…/live-stream…