Daily Attendance Update 10-22-2020

October 22, 2020 Update

Good afternoon Saber Family!

I have a few updates that I will be sharing today.

First, a reminder of information that was previously sent out regarding changes in enrollment between remote learning and in-person learning.

  • As we continue to learn more about how to effectively balance offering a remote option in conjunction with in person learning, we are learning that a commitment to one model for a longer period of time is beneficial to all parties. This being said, families will have until Thursday, October 22nd to determine which learning model they want to be a part of for the remainder of the semester (until January 19th). Whatever learning model you are in on Monday, October 26th is the model you will be in to finish out the semester.The only exception to this would be if a family chooses to move to remote learning because of Covid related issues. However, once you move to remote you will not be able to return in person until the beginning of second semester.
    • If you do not wish to change from what you are currently doing, you do not need to do anything.
    • If you wish to make a change you need to let the main office in your child’s building know and that change will be effective on Monday, October 26th.
    • A student who is placed in quarantine will not be considered a long term remote learner unless the family chooses to do so. Quarantined or isolated students will keep up on school work by communicating with their teachers through the learning management system (Canvas, Google Classroom, or Seesaw). These students will return to school when their quarantine/isolation is lifted.

As we continue with in-person learning, we will be changing the way we send notifications out to parents regarding active covid cases in our buildings.  Since the beginning of the school year, we have been sending out emails to parents anytime we have been notified of an active covid case in building they have students.  Due to the many emails that are sent each week, we are going to be ceasing these notifications.  We WILL continue to notify parents anytime they have a child that has potentially been exposed to the virus.  I will also continue sending out our weekly covid-related information so parents know our building and district-level data each week.

Lastly, our weekly attendance information is below.

As always, please contact with any questions or comments you have.

Dr. Dan Peterson, Superintendent