On Monday, September 21, all Central DeWitt Community Schools will return to school 100% in person. This decision was not made lightly and is based on the declining COVID-19 cases in Clinton County and the fact that we have been able to keep the number of students and staff impacted by the virus very low. This is a tremendous accomplishment.

 We believe our low number of cases and low absentee rate is due to the outstanding job our staff and students have done working together and putting our Health and Safety Plan into play. And as we move forward, we will be diligent in continuing these practices to keep all of our students and staff safe. Dr. Dan Peterson will also be sharing Central DeWitt Community School District data on a weekly basis to keep everyone informed of our current situation regarding COVID-19. See data below.

 Parents will still have the opportunity to choose for their students to utilize 100% Virtual instruction for their students. That does not change when we move from our Hybrid Model to In-Person on September 21.  If you’d like to make a change in the Instructional Model for your children, please contact the main office of their school building.

 The decision to return to 100% in person was also made because we know our students learn best when they’re with our amazing Central DeWitt teachers and staff. We owe it to them, as well as our parents and families, to do everything we can to educate them in the best way possible. We are so excited to have all of our students back together, again.

 Thank you to parents, families, and the community for the ongoing support of our students and staff and for your cooperation to make this the best experience for students as possible during this unprecedented start to the school year.