A letter from our Nutrition Services Director

Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who took time out of their days to help with the Emergency Feeding Program here at Central DeWitt CSD. We could not have done this without the generous help of these wonderful people.
To Jim and Gayle Powell and all of our local church volunteers for the enormous number of hours put into keeping our families fed during this pandemic as well as your efforts with the Summer Lunch Box Program. You cannot be thanked enough for all you have done for Central DeWitt CSD and the countless amounts of phone calls back and forth to make things happen. Also, to the youth who helped pick up and distribute food. Thank you.
To the DeWitt Referral Center for your generosity throughout the year. Feeding and clothing families throughout the year has always been a big part of helping our community but during this time you have really stepped up and will continue to step up all summer long. Thank you for all you do for this community.
To the United Way for their kind donation of paper and plastic products during this emergency feeding process. We could not have done it without you. Thank you!
To Sara Lewis with Acosta for your donation of snack items and paper and plastic items to put in our to-go bags. Your generosity is so much appreciated and I know the kids just loved the variety of items they received weekly. Thank you!
To Sharon Roling and all of the St. Joe’s staff that helped direct traffic and work with us so kindly to make this all happen. Thank you.
To the Central DeWitt office staff Cyndie Johnson, Sarah Johnston, and Gayle Pepmeier for keeping things running on the back side of things that so few see and appreciate. We could not have done any of this without all of you. Thank you!
To the bus drivers Chris Steines and Jack Carber for not hesitating when I asked for bus driver volunteers to run the routes to Welton, Low Moor, Grand Mound, Winding Brook, and Pheasant Run. You both came in and jumped on board immediately with smiles on your faces and love in your hearts. Thank you!
To the following staff volunteers thank you for taking time out away from your families and teaching to lend us a hand when we needed it most. You all worked so hard and never gave it a second thought. Terri Smith, LeAnn DePue, Laurie Wildes, Lynn Schnack, Karen and Theron Berolino, Val Betz, Shelli Griffin, Netty Schneider, Beth Scheckel, Kelly Carlson, Paula Webinger, Penny Roberts, Andy Johnston, Vicki Brainerd, Sue Bormann, Jen Froeschle, and Autumn Lopez. Thank you all.
To these kind volunteers who asked to help just because they wanted to. We appreciate all you did and would have been lost with out you. Rebecca Martin, Jaelyn and Janna Diercks, and Mary Schanze. Thank you!
To these two friends of mine who jumped into action because we needed extra help and I just simply asked. Cheryl Kinney and Elisa Overstake “Best Friends make the good times better and the hard times easier.” You both made the hard times much easier for sure. I can’t thank you enough!!! Thank you!
To my staff, what can I say you are all rock stars. You came in and conquered. When the rest of the world shut down you opened up your hearts and stood by to help our community, to help our students. You did it! You don’t always get the praise you deserve but each of you deserve to hear how amazing you all are. Andi Roseland, Angie Hootman, Leslie Roling, Angela Henningsen, Debbie Diercks, Karen Daniels, Ange Clark, Beth Benhart, Lori Hansen, Julie Wisco, Larissa Krukow, Jeanine Simmons, Bobbie Hemesath, Lucy Melvin, Jessica Brink. Thank you!
To my managers and lead staff. You four made my job so much easier. You came in when I asked and took the lead going above and beyond normal expectations. You really never even gave it a second thought. I appreciate your hard work and dedication and could not have made this emergency situation any better. You truly opened up your minds and your hearts to get the tasks accomplished. You really were the glue that held this program together. Sharon Martin, Stacy Hardison, Kendra Casel, and Roxey Kueter.
“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful” – Mother Teresa. Thank you.
To the students and families who participated in the Emergency Feeding Program. We just want to say thank you to all of you, too. You were always so kind and appreciative every time you picked up meals. We received several nice thank you cards and “air hugs” assuring us that our efforts did not go unnoticed. We did all of this for you to hopefully help keep your days and weeks as normal as possible and to just ease that burden a little. Thank you!
As the summer starts we hope that everyone takes time to enjoy the little things in life and come back in the fall renewed and refreshed. Until then, stay safe and we will miss you all this summer.
Dede Wagener
Nutrition Director
Central DeWitt CSD