NEW Virtual Backpack Program!

Central DeWitt Parents, Staff, and Community Members,

We have an exciting announcement!  For those of you that have had students in our Elementary & Intermediate Schools, you may remember us sending home “Thursday Folders”.  These folders contained information from the school, but also from community groups of all kinds.  Many of these documents were in regard to summer camps, DCDC events, baseball and softball sign-ups, vacation Bible school, and other many other community-based opportunities for our students.  Moving forward, Thursday Folders will be a thing of the past.  No longer will you have to make hundreds of copies of these documents to send home with our students, and no longer will they get lost in the backpack, their locker, or on their way home!  This entire process is going electronic with our new Virtual Backpack Program!

We have been working on the development of our Virtual Backpack Program for several months with Twin States Technical Services, and we are now ready to launch.  We will still have a process of reviewing the documents to be sent out, and they will still go out once each week.  And yes, we kept it on Thursdays simply to honor tradition.

Parents do not need to do anything to start receiving our Virtual Backpack.  If your email address is on file with the District, you will start receiving these our Virtual Backpack by email on Thursday afternoons.

You may also know that we have not typically sent information like this home to our middle and high school students.  We would allow students to pick up these documents in our middle and high school offices, but that’s the only way they got home. That is a thing of the past as well.  Our Virtual Backpack Program will send information to students in all grades.

If you would like to be able to send information out to students, or you represent a club/organization that typically sends information home with our students, you will need to register and be approved at  When documents are submitted, you will have to indicate which grade levels you want them sent to, so it’s going to the correct parents and students.

Lastly, if you ever misplace a flyer that went out, you can always go to our Virtual Backpack website at and find documents that were sent through the Virtual Backpack Program in the past.  We will get this posted on our homepage also in the near future.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Dr. Dan Peterson, Superintendent