April SaberSpotlight Students

Congratulations to our #SaberSpotlight Students recognized for their outstanding efforts!

Students recognized in the Saber Spotlight Article

Brayden Burbach, Kindergarten, Recognized by Anessa Petersen

Brayden is an outstanding student who comes to school each day
with a positive attitude. He tries his best in every subject,
demonstrates safety, accountability, and respect, and treats others
with kindness. Brayden is a great example of what a SABER student
should be.

Kitt Converse, 1st Grade, Recognized by Sydney Slinkman

Kitt consistently demonstrates the qualities of a SABER. She is a great
friend to others, and she is always willing to help her peers. One thing
I appreciate about Kitt is that she always tries her best and never
gives up, even if things are difficult. She has a great growth-mindset
and does everything with a smile on her face. She is definitely a
leader and role model for other students.

Isaiah Sunday, 1st Grade, Recognized by Teacher Kayla Voss

Isaiah always comes to school with a smile on his face and a positive
attitude. He is kind to others, uses his manners, and is eager to help
out. Isaiah is a great leader and someone you can count on to do the
right thing. One thing I love the most about Isaiah is that every
morning he asks, “How are you today, Mrs Voss?”. It brightens my day!

Molly Schneider, 9th Grade, Recognized by Cassie Dunlavey

Molly has such enthusiasm and passion for visual arts and art history.
She works hard to develop a unique visual voice in various drawing
and painting medias. Her insightful interpretations of artwork and
thoughtful reflections are impressive. Molly is inquisitive and loves to
learn about art history as much as she can. She embodies all the
aspects of a true Saber with her friendly demeanor, love of learning,
innovation, determination and perseverance!

Haleigh Johnson, 12th Grade, Recognized by Carl Small

Over the past four years, Haleigh has consistently demonstrated by
example and actions what it is to be a SABER! Her tremendous work
ethic, commitment to academics, and willingness to be the person
“behind the scenes” who cares for ALL is quite admirable. She is true
to herself and has been an invaluable asset to our school community
and girls basketball program, in a role that many would not volunteer
to do. She will be missed, but her future is bright! Thank you, Haleigh
for representing our school community with dignity and respect.