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Saber Spotlight Students photos and descriptions

Saber Spotlight Students photos and descriptions

PAITYN DINGBAUM, Kindergarten, Recognized by Lisa Fox

Lainey is a great student.  She always comes into the classroom ready to learn.  She completes all tasks assigned to her and gives her personal best every time.  She often will help others in the classroom and treats staff and other students respectfully.  Lainey always includes others on the playground who may not have anyone to play with.  She displays SABER expectations each day!

TEGAN SPAIN, 1st Grade, Recognized by Sydney Slinkman

Tegan is an exemplary SABER. I can always count on her to do the right thing, and she is an amazing role model for her peers. One of the things I admire most about Tegan is her ability to demonstrate that everyone matters. She is often the first person to congratulate a classmate when they reach a new goal, and she also is one of the first to offer words of encouragement when a peer is struggling or frustrated. I have heard her say, “You can do it!” to a classmate numerous times, which shows that she cares not only about her own success, but about the success of others, as well.

HOPE OLSON, 3rd Grade, Recognized by Kylie Schlemme

Hope is an outstanding SABER in and out of the classroom. She is always doing the right thing even if there isn’t an adult watching. She works very hard and always does her best in all subjects. When Hope is unsure about something, she is not afraid to ask for help. Hope sets a great example for other students in the classroom to follow. I am very proud of how hard Hope has worked this year. Way to go Hope, keep up the great work!

JAEDYN WIRTH, 7th Grade, Recognized by Brittany Wedeking

Jaedyn has become a strong leader in our 7th grade band class this year. In band, she is always respectful and holds herself and the people around her to high standards. She seeks out opportunities to get better, works hard in class and outside of school, and has been a positive influence to her peers in QueST Advanced Band.

ADRIAN SANTOS, 7th Grade, Recognized by Brittany Wedeking
Adrian brings the best attitude to class every single day. When asked to do something new or challenging he uses his growth mindset, gives his best effort and also motivates others around him to try their best. I really appreciate his positive attitude and kindness toward others!

LANDON BRICK, 8th Grade, Recognized by Kirk Machovec
Landon has had an incredible school year. Landon was dependent on his technology tools in the classroom at the start of the year, but Landon has taken it upon himself to slowly remove his usage of tools and become independent. This confidence has served Landon well and has inspired him to better prepare for assessments, organize his work,  become responsible when he has missed class, and become a better self-starter. Landon strives to produce quality work and has developed a sense of high integrity.  Keep up the exemplary job Landon, your work ethic will serve you well in your endeavors.

JT VANDERBILT, 11th Grade, Recognized by Brittany Wedeking
JT has become such a great leader and mentor to younger students! Without any prompting from me, JT has taken it upon himself to help out with jazz band at the middle school level. JT has a wealth of knowledge about bass guitar that he has been using to mentor another student. It is so much fun watching them form a relationship and watching JT’s mentee find success performing. He has truly motivated her to be the best she can be, and helped her practice specific skills to help her be more confident in reaching her goals!