8 Students Accepted to the Blank Summer Institute!

Mr. Mercado, ELP Teacher, confirmed that all 8 of the nominees to the Blank Summer Institute were accepted into each of the 8 courses offered in this prestigious residential program at the University of Iowa.
This program gives select 7th and 8th grade students from across the state the chance to be young professionals in their area of nomination. The selection process for this residential summer experience is extremely rigorous, and for the 2nd time in the history of our involvement in this program … all 8 of our nominees/applicants have been accepted.
Go Saber Nation!!!
8 Students Accepted to the Blank Summer Institute
This year those students included (from left to right):
Social Sciences – Dayton Kiggins
Visual Arts – Marisa Lopez
Advanced Math – Kate Keuhl
Creative Writing – Lindsey Delich
Performing Arts – Alexis VanZee
Advanced Science – Alicia Witt
Global & Cultural Studies – Laura Sutton
Invention & Innovation – Thomas Fielding