Saber Spotlight Students

Congratulations to our Saber Spotlight Students, being recognized for their outstanding efforts inside and outside of the classroom!

SaberSpotlight Article

ELENA THOMAS, Kindergarten, Recognized by Anessa Petersen

Elena is an excellent role model for others in our class. She demonstrates safety, accountability, and responsibility. She is nice to her classmates and gets along with everyone.

GAVIN BIRT, 1st Grade, Recognized by Sydney Slinkman

Gavin is a great example of what it means to be a SABER. He is respectful to everyone he interacts with, and he consistently demonstrates the importance of treating others with kindness. When other students achieve their goals, Gavin is one of the first students to offer a big smile and encourage them with a heartfelt, “Way to go!” I also appreciate Gavin’s willingness to help and his positive attitude.

RILYN KOESTER, 2nd Grade, Recognized by Joni Sikkema

Rilyn is such a role-model each and everyday.  She is motivated and has the best attitude!  Rilyn is always thinking “outside the box” and has amazing ideas to share with the class.  She practices being a good SABER everywhere, and I know I can always count on her to do the right thing!

MADILYN BOCK, 2nd Grade, Recognized by Courtney Burmeister

Madilyn is a determined student who is always going above and beyond. Everyday, she is displaying SABER skills inside and outside of the classroom.  She is also the first to offer a helping hand to other classmates. Each day, she strives to become a better student.

MARLEE MICHAELSEN, 5th Grade, Recognized by Megan Jackson

Marlee is kind and respectful to everyone! She has been working hard on communication with others and always makes time for those around her. She has also been working hard to navigate the school independently. She competes in bowling, cheer, and track while also practicing good sportsmanship and supporting her teammates.  She also takes time to participate in various fundraisers including the Polar Plunge which she loved!

GABE VANCE, 6th Grade, Recognized by Kelsey Bierl 

Gabe is always up for a challenge and really thinks outside the box. He is very helpful to his teachers and peers. Gabe is the first to make sure the classroom is cleaned up and organized before he leaves. Thank you, Gabe, for always leaving the space better than you found it!

ALLISON KALLEMEYN, 7th Grade, Recognized by Jen Froeschle

Allison is a sweet girl who is always kind to those around her.  She is always very respectful toward her teachers and peers.  Allison is a hard worker who always pays attention to detail.  She is a quiet leader and a very responsible student.  She is a joy to have in class.

ALYVIA STEVENS, 8th Grade, Recognized by Kirk Machovec

Alyvia has had a tremendous year thus far and has held herself to the highest student standards. Her attitude, dedication, and willingness to help out other students has brought her success inside and outside of the classroom. This same confidence propelled her on the Cross Country team and has given her the courage to go out for track in the Spring. Alyvia uses her time wisely and has become an expert in prioritizing her work. Alyvia possesses the highest SABER qualities!

LILY JEFFORD, 9th Grade, Recognized by Rebecca Barnes

Lily is more than a great student!  She engages in class discussions and applies what she learns in the classroom to her life.  She is kind and helpful to her classmates and even new peers.  She is willing to greet others and work with them without hesitation.  She is one of the most genuine students I have ever met.

KEATON ZEIMET, 10th Grade, Recognized by Garey Chrones

Keaton asked me to help him find a soldier to send a holiday package to.  He then went and bought goodies, candy, and coffee to be sent.  He inspired the wrestling team to get involved as well and fill out cards of appreciation for troops around the holidays.  With this simple gesture, Keaton is living his life as a servant to others.  Keaton also inspired others to get involved donating to Toys for Tots and the DeWitt Referral Center over the holidays.

ANNA FIELDING, 11th Grade, Recognized by Katie Moulton

Anna is a positive person and finds the good in everything. You will find her with a smile on her face all the time! She has a strong work ethic in both her academics and extracurricular activities. Anna is a team player, and is always kind and considerate to others. Anna demonstrates what it means to be a SABER on a daily basis!