SaberSpotlight Students

Congratulations to our SaberSpotlight Students!

Saber Spotlight Students

FINNLEY SMITH , Kindergarten, Recognized by Anessa Petersen

Finnley is a hard working student who is always prepared for class and participates in discussions. She is a role model for other students and is kind to everyone.

KALEB CRANDALL, 2nd Grade, Recognized by Kim Burzlaff

Kaleb is a wonderful student. He takes pride in his work and is always eager to learn. He is humble yet confident in his abilities and gifts.  Kaleb is sweet, patient and always willing to help.  He chooses to do the right thing every day. Kaleb is safe, accountable, believes in himself, lets everyone know they matter, and very respectful.  Kaleb is a SABER.

GRACIE GREEN, 3rd Grade, Recognized by Cheryl Fuller

Gracie continually shows good character in each of the “Saber” areas. She utilizes positive behaviors, actions and words.  She shows good decision-making skills and is very respectful. She is a good role model for others and comes to school every day with a “Saber” attitude.

JT VANDERBILT, 11th Grade, Recognized by Julie Murphy

Each day, JT walks into our classroom with a smile on his face and asks the same question, “What are we learning today?” I truly feel that he shows up each day ready to learn something new. His open mind and eagerness to learn makes him an outstanding student academically. In addition, I see him go out of his way to ensure that his peers are included in all activities inside and outside of school. He knows no stranger, because he makes friends with everyone he meets.

KYLEEN IRWIN, 11th Grade, Recognized by Katie Moulton

Kyleen is an extremely hard worker in the classroom and in athletics. She is also a wonderful leader. Kyleen strives to do her best each day, and always wishes the same for her teammates and peers. Kyleen is a kind, compassionate, and positive individual. Her dedication and work ethic does not go unnoticed. She embodies what is means to be “Saber” day in and day out.