Student of the Month – Sofia Flynn

Congratulations to Sofia Flynn, 1st Grader, who was selected as our district’s Student of the Month for November!!

Sofia Flynn was recognized as student of the month.

Sofia Flynn 1st Grader at Ekstrand Elementary School Age: 6 Parent/Guardian: Anne Flynn

Sofia was nominated as Student of the Month by Abby Messerich, 1st Grade Teacher at Ekstrand Elementary School.  Ms. Messerich says Sofia demonstrates what it means to be a great SABER and always sets a good example for other students!  She practices great listening skills and patience, and she’s always very helpful in the classroom no matter what the task is. When a student needs something or is unsure, she is always willing to step in to help out.  Sofia also works very hard to ensure that everyone feels included.

Sofia was excited to be recognized and says she is proud to be a kind SABER!  “A kind SABER means helping everybody.” says Sofia.  She also shares that her favorite subject in school is math, and she likes to play outside with her friends, older brother and sister.  When asked what makes her most happy, Sofia says, “It makes me really happy when people say kind things to each other.  It’s important, because when you are kind- everyone can become friends and no one feels left out.”