Student of the Month – Julian Arndt

Student of the Month – Julian Arndt

Julian Arndt recognized as Student of the Month

Julian Arndt
11th Grader at Central DeWitt High School
Age: 17
Guardian: George & Nicole Arndt

Julian was nominated as Student of the Month by Laura Kloft, Associate at Central
DeWitt High School, for going above and beyond to help a fellow classmate.
According to Ms. Kloft, Julian took on the responsibility of assisting another
student in Personal Fitness class despite healing from a recent shoulder
surgery. Ms. Kloft says, “Julian is what Saber Pride is all about!”

With Julian’s shoulder injury, he is unable to fully participate, but the opportunity has
allowed him to mentor others. Julian says he paired with a younger freshman
student to help with lifting and learning proper form, but it has developed into a
quirky friendship. Even though the students are a few years apart, they quickly
bonded through their common sense of humor. “We like to joke around,” Julian
says, “but when it’s time to focus, I help him focus. We definitely still have fun,
though.” When asked what motivates him to help other students, Julian says
he remembers what it was like as a new freshman in high school. “Freshman
year was scary… I just want to enjoy everyone, and I want everyone to enjoy me.”

Julian is the youngest in his family with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. He enjoys keeping
active though football, wrestling, track, weightlifting, and he is also a member of the
concert choir. While he is recovering from surgery, he’ll be testing his skill at
bowling this winter. Julian says he wants to further his education to become a
history teacher and carpenter. “But we only have one life,” Julian says, “and my
ultimate goal is for someone to just remember me in a positive way.”